A unified and methodical approach to IoT

The Smart Dubai IoT Business Strategy will enable the city to achieve the most advanced Internet of Things ecosystem with a collaborative and methodical approach. 

To deliver the benefits of an advanced Internet of Things ecosystem - empowering the city to achieve 17.9 billion AED in benefits from IoT by 2020 - Smart Dubai has planned a comprehensive strategic approach spanning six domains. Smart Dubai will guide Dubai's Internet of Things implementation with good governance and effective management; plan deployment and support acceleration; and ensure ongoing security and profit sustainability for all partners on benefitting from the Internet of Things.



Transparent and effective governance of IoT technologies in Dubai

  • Establish thoughtful governance of the IoT ecosystem.
  • Develop polices supporting responsible growth of the IoT ecosystem.
  • Support effectiveness and purposefulness of IoT deployment and development.
  • Establish Centres of Excellence to support global IoT knowledge sharing.



Better management of Dubai's smart city with IoT sensing technologies

  • Define a sustainable approach to the IoT ecosystem development.
  • Develop standards and processes for IoT sensors, devices, communication and computing.
  • Guide with care and responsibility to support achieving Dubai's citywide goals and ambitions.



Efficient deployment of IoT sensors and devices in the city

  • Deploy new IoT sensors and devices supporting smart services.
  • Coordinate collaboration on IoT initiatives to maximize the positive impact of IoT sensors and devices deploying in Dubai.
  • Provide analytical capabilities for new value generation from IoT data.



Accelerate deployment of IoT-based smart solutions

  • Incubate innovation and encourage new ideas to build Smart Solutions leveraging IoT technologies.
  • Develop government-wide collaboration for IoT initiatives.
  • Provide a common IoT platform for interconnected IoT sensors and devices.



Address risk of interoperability and security of sensors’ deployment

  • Support privacy and sensitivity of IoT data in alignment with the Dubai Data Law. 
  • Protect transparency, privacy and manageability of the IoT ecosystem.
  • Apply cyber security coverage for the IoT ecosystem.


Explored monetisation opportunities of the IoT ecosystem

  • Generate new value from the IoT data provided by IoT sensors and devices.
  • Develop new solutions and services to monetize the IoT ecosystem.
  • Support IoT ecosystem commercialisation in collaboration with communities and enterprises.