Driven by the pursuit of resident and visitor happiness, made possible by smart technology, Smart Dubai, through its cutting-edge strategies and solutions, is introducing a new era of digital wealth for Dubai.  

Smart Dubai is guiding the city on an accelerated trajectory to realize unprecedented advancements in quality of life, service efficiency, frictionless experiences and digital security, guided by a pioneering vision to promote happiness for all people in Dubai through a continuous commitment to innovation. 


Four strategic initiatives and programs led by Smart Dubai, the Dubai Data Law, the Dubai Pulse Platform the Dubai Blockchain Strategy and the Smart Dubai 2021 strategy have established the vision, laid the foundation and readied the required resources to pave the way for the next wave of Dubai's smart transformation. 

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In three years, Smart Dubai has amassed a new digital wealth for Dubai that will power the city's coming transformation and contribute towards making Dubai the smartest - and happiest - city on earth, in keeping with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. 

Working with a dedicated network of more than 30 partners from the public and private sector, spanning all industry segments, Smart Dubai has delivered over 1,000 smart services, more than 100 smart initiatives, and has readied over 200 data sets to unlock the benefits of open and shared data for the city. 

Today Smart Dubai is launching the next phase of Dubai's transformation to digital wealth with a city IOT strategy to implement the most advanced Internet of Things Ecosystem in the smartest city in the world.

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Smart Dubai Internet of Things Strategy

The Smart Dubai Internet of Things Strategy is comprehensively designed to leverage a citywide partner network to secure and promote Dubai's digital wealth and deliver efficiency benefits and peace of mind to all city residents, visitors, business owners and public officials. 

The strategy launched with the announcement of two key initiatives led by Smart Dubai to facilitate the trusted sharing and exchange of information through the Internet of Things with confidence in the security of valuable data. 

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In line with the directive of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Smart Dubai has introduced the framework and implementation guidelines for Public Key Infrastructure and Digital Certificates which will help secure a trusted Internet of Things in Dubai..

6 Domains of the strategy

To guide the implementation of a comprehensive, citywide Internet of things strategy, encompassing both the public and private sector and benefitting business and individuals alike, Smart Dubai will pursue a methodical approach to plan, deliver and manage the city's Internet of Things across six strategic domains.



Transparent and effective governance of IoT technologies in Dubai


Better management of Dubai's smart city with IoT sensing technologies


Accelerated deployment of IoT-based smart solutions


Explored monetisation opportunities of the IoT ecosystem

Efficient deployment of IoT sensors and devices in the city


Address risk of interoperability and security of sensors’ deployment


smart strategic INITIATIVES

The Dubai IoT Strategy drives the emirate’s smart transformation forward as it strives to digitise more aspects of people’s everyday life, connecting them to the Dubai Pulse platform - the digital backbone of the smart city project.

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4-PHASE implementation ROADMAP

The strategy is set to be implemented over four consecutive phases in the coming three years. The first phase centres around Coordination of efforts and activities to implement IoT policies across government departments. Second, the Integration and Conversion phase, which seeks to harmonise efforts towards implementing the IoT Strategy.

After the third Optimisation phase, the strategies will go into the final “Blockchain Journey” stage, which will witness the full integration of IoT policies and the first ROI of the strategy. It covers six strategic domains: governance, management, acceleration, deployment, monetisation and security.